comscoreCommon Breast Cancer-Related Fears

Common Breast Cancer-Related Fears


Is it breast cancer?

Are you worried about a lump or other symptom you think might be breast cancer? Find out what the symptoms of breast cancer are and what to do if you think you have one.


Fear of first diagnosis

Most people think their risk of getting breast cancer for the first time is higher than it really is. Try to get a realistic idea of your risk from your doctor. Your risk is affected by many factors. Many people who review their risk factors find out that their risk is lower than they'd expect.

The fear of being diagnosed with breast cancer makes some people avoid going to the doctor. But the sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you can know what your situation is. Never let fear stop you from making a good choice when it comes to your healthcare.


Fear of recurrence

Are you concerned that a change in your body, or symptoms that don’t involve your breast, mean that cancer has come back or spread?

If you have a personal history of the disease, you have very different worries. You may already have had a good deal of treatment, and now you are being followed carefully to make sure you are okay and free of any signs of recurrence. You obviously want to do everything possible to lower the risk of cancer returning.


Living with advanced disease

If you are dealing with metastatic disease, you may be worried about what tests and treatments you need, whether your current treatment is working, and what therapies you might need in the future.

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