Halaven (chemical name: eribulin) is a chemotherapy drug.

Brand name: Halaven

Chemical name: Eribulin

Class: Microtubule inhibitor chemotherapy.

How it works: Microtubule inhibitors work by interfering with microtubulin, a component of cells; interfering with microtubulin can disrupt cell division and make cancer cells die.

Uses: Halaven is used to treat metastatic breast cancer that did not respond or has stopped responding to other chemotherapies.

How it's given: Halaven is given intravenously.

Additional information: Halaven is made from a sea sponge.

Side effects:

  • low white blood cell count

  • anemia (low red blood cell count)

  • fatigue

  • weakness

  • hair loss

  • neuropathy (numbness/tingling in the hands and feet)

  • nausea

  • fever

  • constipation

  • irregular periods — this can include temporary cessation (usually resume after medication is completed) or permanent cessation of menstrual periods depending on your age and other factors

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