Leucovorin (brand names: Wellcovorin, Citrovorum Factor, Folinic Acid) is a folic acid (B-9 vitamin).

Chemical name: Leucovorin

Brand names: Wellcovorin, Citrovorum Factor, Folinic Acid

Class: Folic acid (B-9 vitamin). There are no other folic acids used to treat breast cancer.

How it works: Leucovorin enhances the anti-cancer effects of certain chemotherapy medicines and helps protect healthy cells from other chemotherapy medicines.

Uses: Leucovorin typically is given with:

  • fluorouracil to enhance the effect of that chemotherapy

  • methotrexate to protect healthy cells from damage caused by that chemotherapy

How it's given: Leucovorin is a pill taken by mouth.

Side effects:

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