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Metastatic Breast Cancer
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"Once I'm up and moving, I have hours and hours where I feel okay, some moments where I feel terrific."
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"MBC is always there — it doesn't overwhelm me or prevent me from enjoying life, but it has put its shadowy filter over everything."
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Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
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"In the back of my mind I worried about local recurrence, but never knew things could change so dramatically."
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"Triple negative is not a death sentence. Many of us are still thriving after diagnosis."
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Clinical Trial Experiences
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Ricki Fairley
They said, ‘You’re now metastatic — you have 2 years to live and should start getting your affairs in order.’ And I told them we had to figure out another plan.
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"I started following clinical trials after my diagnosis out of curiosity about what advances might be coming and out of concern for my situation."
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Reconstruction Decisions
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Sunny headshot
"When I was talking to my doctor, he knew how bad my self-esteem was related to my breasts and his goal was to give me exactly what I wanted."
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"I always knew that some day the phone would ring and a doctor's voice would tell me that I have breast cancer. "
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Being Diagnosed
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Niyati headshot
"Feelings of shame and stigma came washing back to me, and I decided to do the one thing we are not supposed to do — tell people about my diagnosis."
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"The thought crossed my mind, 'What about me?' I was exactly the age she was the first time around."
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Genetic Testing
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Debbie D headshot
"I’m going to do everything in my power just to be here for them and to create the memories I didn’t get to create with my mother."
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"It looked like everything was okay: negative BRCA1 and 2. But 2 weeks later the other big panel revealed positive PALB2 and CHEK2 mutations."
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"No amount of regrets or second guessing was going to change anything, but what was I going to make out of it?"
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Vicky ringing the bell
"We have to accept there’s no going back. It’s either lemons or lemonade."
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"Learn to allow people to help you, this is not always easy."
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"There were a lot of blessings in the horrible diagnosis.”
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"Bugsy doesn't allow me time to stop and think about what's happened to me. "
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