comscoreQuestions to Ask a Complementary Medicine Practitioner

Questions to Ask a Complementary Medicine Practitioner

A printable list of questions to ask a complementary medicine practitioner.
  • How long have you been practicing your specific type/s of complementary medicine?

  • Where did you go to school and what kind of training have you had?

  • How much experience do you have in treating people affected by breast cancer?

  • Are you affiliated with a cancer center or hospital?

  • Are you licensed or certified by any organization? Which one/s?

  • Can you describe your treatment method in detail?

  • What kinds of problems have you helped ease?

  • Can you describe the type of success you've had dealing with my specific problem?

  • What kinds of treatment plans might you recommend for me?

  • How might I feel after each treatment?

  • Have you previously coordinated care with other medical professionals?

  • Would you talk with my cancer doctors about my treatment?

  • Have you treated other people with my kind of problem whom I can call?

  • How much will each treatment cost?

  • Are these treatments covered by insurance, or is there any type of discounted plan for treatment?

  • How long will it be before we know if it is working or not?

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