comscoreWill Fertility Treatments Work for You?

The success rate of fertility treatments varies from center to center. It also depends a great deal on your age and the type of treatment you're trying.

Freezing embryos gives you the best odds — about 19% to 30% — which is about the same chance the average couple has of spontaneously conceiving in any given month. Hundreds of thousands of babies have been born around the world using this technique.

If you're 35 or younger when your eggs are extracted, fertilized, and frozen, your overall chances of at least one successful pregnancy — no matter how old you are when the embryos are implanted in your uterus — are about 40%. If you're between 35 and 40 when your eggs are extracted, your chances of successful pregnancy drop to about 30%. Older eggs mean fewer viable embryos.

Currently, the success rates of freezing only eggs are about half that of freezing embryos.

Since ovarian tissue freezing and transplantation are experimental, it's hard to calculate success rates yet. So far, there have been about 14 pregnancies worldwide as a result of ovarian tissue freezing and transplant.

Before you go to a fertility center for treatment, find out what its success rates are. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology is a good place to start.

— Last updated on June 29, 2022, 3:04 PM